GAE Sub BR215


GAE Sub BR215

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The GAE BR215 chiefly complements the full-range systems of the ProStage and the bigger models of the System series.

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The GAE BR215 chiefly complements the full-range systems of the ProStage and the bigger models of the System series. It is a vented enclosure loaded with two 15” long excursion cone drivers. On demand a passive low-pass filter can be supplemented. This subwoofer offers an input impedance of 4ohms. Both subwoofer’s loudspeaker chassis operate in an optimally tuned enclosure which allows to maximize the loudspeaker’s acoustic output. The maximum utilization of the mechanical and thermal transducers characteristics allow the achievement of sound pressure levels up to 126.5dB (1m).

The extraordinary ventilation channel has been constructed of 15mm multiplex setting new benchmarks in bass enclosure design. By this new type of ventilation channel and side walls both driver chassis are symmetrically enclosed and thereby symmetrically loaded. Because of this construction swaying movements of the membrane are reduced to a minimum whereas the output power is raised to a maximum. The huge ventilation channel ensures an excellent bass reflex effectiveness without compression effects and at the same time compounds the baffle’s static.

The enclosure’s walls have been manufactured of high-quality birch multiplex and are additionally equipped with stiffening frames to suppress wall resonance.

The carrying recesses have been especially designed to allow an uncomplicated handling and additionally stiffen the loudspeaker’s sidewalls. Furthermore the threaded flange-plates for the accommodation of satellite stands have been placed in the cavity of the extremely stable recesses thus allowing the bass enclosure’s elegant appearance. The enclosure is sealed with a black structure varnish. Colours in different RAL-tones are available. The loudspeaker’s baffle and it’s components are protected by a solid metal front grill which is backed with acoustic foam.

The overall construction meets all demands thinkable on the grounds of professional sound reinforcement technology whether in the mobile touring routine or in sophisticated installation.


-    subwoofer to supply the full-range loudspeakers of the ProStage and System series
-    unique efficiency/bandwidth ratio plus optimised attenuation characteristics
-    high flexibility due to diverse model versions (active/passive)
-    distinguished enclosure design and stable mechanical processing
-    includes M20 threaded stand flange
-    equipped with 2x 15” long excursion cone driver
-    extended frequency response from 42Hz – 250Hz (-3dB)
-    High Static Symmetrical Load Bass Reflex Design