Channing School
Friday January 28, 2022

Channing School

Case Studies

SRD Projects were brought into Channing School in Highgate Hill, North London, to renovate the school’s studio space.

The space was previously a multipurpose classroom, but SRD converted it into a dedicated black box studio, adding stage lighting and AV features. Among these were a stylish console on wheels which the school’s Theatre Technician can use to control the studio’s lighting from a ColourSource AV desk and audio from a Yamaha QL1, as well as Qlab running from a Mac Mini.

In addition to the rolling console, SRD installed a control rack in the side of the room which was designed to aid with teaching and be as easy to use as possible. This rack features a Yamaha panel with an ‘AV on/off’ button which simultaneously lowers the screen, turns on the projector and activates the speakers. It also features a bluetooth audio interface which connects to the main PA system, and a Yamaha control panel.

One key element of the brief was to raise the lighting above the level of beams in the ceiling, giving it a professional look and as much head clearance as possible. This was achieved with eight Milos M290 goalpost trusses, which each have an internally wired bar to allow connection of lighting, speakers and video. A Doughty studio rail was also suspended from the trusses, with the addition of black wool surge drapes which run around the perimeter of the space. A dividing wall allows the studio to be split into two separate teaching sessions.

Another key requirement was that audio to the theatre next door, the Arundel Centre, could be connected via Dante. This allows musicians to provide a live soundtrack to performances. SRD installed Eight EM Acoustics speakers and a series of facility panels in each corner of the studio space, which provided connectivity and audio.