MKIII Flashlight

MKIII Flashlight

A no-compromise approach to concert audio.

We are delighted to have now added the MKIII Flashlight system to our inventory of audio systems.

This legendary system was the source of sound for many of the large iconic acts of the 80's and 90's like Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel. If you want the ultimate in live sound production then this system surpasses any of today's modern rigs. 

Upgraded flying bars and rigging.

We have re-designed the flying equipment for the Flashlight and Floodlight boxes with a new fly-bar that will now accommodate either 2, 3 or 4 box wide arrays from a single hanging point making this system scalable and much more flexible depending on the requirement for your FOH needs.

This new equipment enables us to hang 4 wide and 4 deep in a single cluster, providing increased flexibility for rigging the system.

Why choose a point source system?

Due to the nature of a point source system we are able to overcome many acoustic related issues within venues and more importantly achieve a greater perceived volume where noise management is a concern.

The point source format of the Flashlight system delivers ultimate definition, clarity and an unquestionable pristine and powerful live sound that audiences and artists will remember.

Dry hire or use our team of system technicians.

What's more, we will deliver, setup and monitor the use of the system throughout your hire period to ensure it delivers what it was designed to do.

Reconditioned & Upgraded

We have an extensive and growing hire stock of Turbosound Flashlight TFS 780H mid-high packs, Turbosound Floodlight TFS 760 mid-high packs, Turbosound TMS3's, Turbosound TSW 721 bass cabinets and BSS amp racks.

All units have been expertly renovated and upgraded to as-new, concert-ready condition.