We have a huge range of industry standard microphones available to hire that are suitable for every application. 

Whether you require a microphone setup for a live band or for a theatre production, we have a large inventory by brands such as Shure, DPA, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, MXL, Rode and Neumann.

Wireless Microphone Systems

We also have stock of digital wireless microphone systems that are all certified and licensed in-line with the current UHF frequency regulations.

Alongside the hire of our microphones we also supply the necessary cabling and microphone stands applicable to their use.

Specialist Microphones

We have a range of specialist microphones available for hire that suit a number of applications. Whether its a stereo podium microphone for a lecture, a wireless lapel microphone for a presentation or miniature clip on microphone for violin, we have it all.

Microphone stands and cabling

To compliment our comprehensive list of microphones available to hire we also supply our clients with the necessary microphone stand options and cabling. Hire a microphone from us and get the cable and stand for FREE!