FBT VN3000, 2 x Ventis 110A + 2 x Subline 115SA


FBT VN3000, 2 x Ventis 110A + 2 x Subline 115SA

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2 x Ventis 110A + 2 x Subline 115SA Stereo

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The new VN3000 Stereo Package from FBT. 

This comprises of 2 x Ventis 110A and 2 x Subline 115SA. Contact us now for a great deal on this.


Ventis 110A


    • 2-way, bi-amplified, bass reflex design
    • Biamped: 700W RMS LF and 200W RMS HF power amplifiers in Class D for LF and in Class H/AB for HF
    • Digital Signal Processor with graphic display
    • 15 mm (0.59”) birch plywood scratch resistant enclosure and internal bracing
    • High efficiency switch mode power supply
    • Control Panel features balanced XLR/Jack input, XLR LINK OUT, 2 x Volume, RCA Stereo input, DSP display with rotative encoder and push
    • 250mm (10”) LF woofer with 50mm (2”) voice coil, custom made for FBT
    • 25mm (1”) exit throat B&C HF compression driver with 36mm (1.4”) voice coil
    • Frequency response from 58Hz to 20 kHz
    • 80°H x 50°V Constant Directivity Rotatable Horn
    • 6 x M10 suspension points, optional wall bracket mount thread, 35mm (1 3/8”) top-hat
    • Speaker stand socket, one aluminium handle
    • 45° monitor taper
    • Adjustable delay between 0 - 10m


    Subline 115SA

    700W RMS - 132/135dB SPL

        • Bass-reflex design with high SPL and punch 
        • 380mm (15”) high excursion magnet woofer with 75mm (3”) voice coil
        • Frequency response from 40Hz to 140Hz
        • New amplifier engineered and manufactured by FBT, 700W RMS LF in Class D
        • Digital Signal processor with 8 presets, 2 equalization with 2 LPF Crossover settings, cardioid configuration
        • Control panel with Stereo XLR in/outs, Volume, EQ presets, 8 steps Delay from 0.25m to 3.5m, Phase Reversal Switch 0°-180°, 3 status LED indicators