FBT SubLine 118S

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FBT SubLine 118S


Sound reinforcement Subwoofer 1200W RMS - 136dB SPL.

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The SUBLINE series consists of 12Sa, 15Sa, 18Sa and 218SA active subwoofers, and a passive model 18S and 218S, built in birch 5/8” plywood with scratch & scuff resistant paint finish.

Aimed to extend the low frequency response to a wide range of FBT speaker systems. Designed in 2x18” and 18” bass-reflex, 15” and 12” band-pass.

They have Class D amplifiers, switch mode power supply and Digital Signal Processor with presets to match any other FBT speaker. IN/OUT stereo, it is possible to use only one subwoofer with Left and Right satellites.

Additional optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles and light cabinet allow an easy transport.

  • 1200W 133 / 136dB SPL Sound reinforcement subwoofer

  • Neutrik Speakon NL - 4MDV connectors IN & LINK OUT
  • External digital processor required: FBT DLM26 Digital Loudspeaker Management