GAE System 10

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GAE System 10


The GAE System 10 is a compact passive two way system that can be put to various applications.

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The GAE System 10 is a compact passive two way system that can be put to various applications. It excels in natural recording characteristics, a linear frequency response curve in the whole spectre of transmission and a high power-handling capacity.

The loudspeaker components are placed in a multifunctional enclosure that is only 535x330x300mm small. The HF-sound is emitted in an angle of 90° x 50°. The horn construction has been manufactured from metal and is extremely resistant to mechanical influence. The horn can be 90° rotated which allows an adjustment of the irradiation to a horizontal or vertical mounting.

The 10” loudspeaker is situated in a vented enclosure and disposes of a power handling capacity of 200W according to IEC-norm 268-5. Due to an extremely high peak load capacity sound pressure levels up to 120dB (1m) can be obtained.

The System 10 is suitable as f.o.h.-loudspeaker for the near field application (among other possibilities as wedge with a positioning angle of 45°) and as delay-line loudspeaker for big audience events. The multi-layered, birch-ply enclosure is sealed with a black structure varnish by standard. Different RAL colours are available. The loudspeaker’s baffle and it’s components are protected by a solid metal front grill which is covered by a stylish acoustic foam. On demand this foam can be delivered in different colours.

For mobile use two small handling recesses have been discreetly supplemented to the side walls of System 10. The enclosure is equipped with M8 threaded shafts on the back, M10 threaded shafts on the top and each side walls to enable the use of metric bolts for installation or the accompanying installation-yoke (UB10/v). The stand flange can also be replaced by a M10 threaded shaft which allows the application of the horizontal yoke UB10/h. The connectors are of the Neutrik Speakon NL4 type. An connection diagram on the back describes the internal switching.


·    compact loudspeaker system for full-range use
·    excellently fitted for medium throw- and delay-employment
·    multifunctional enclosure, angle of monitor position 45°
·    extensive optional mounting accessories
·    extremely stable enclosure design
·    horn-equipped 90° x 50° emission, rotation possible, which allows an adjustment of the dispersion to a horizontal or
     vertical mounting
·    passive loudspeaker system incorporating a 10" LF-transducer and a horn-loaded 1" HF compression driver
·    various colours eligible – standard design: black similar to RAL 9005