GAE System 6

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GAE System 6


The GAE System 6 is an extremely compact passive 2-way system with high power capacity.

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The GAE System 6 is an extremely compact passive 2-way system with high power capacity. Because of it’s manageable and unintrusive construction the loudspeaker is applicable to a great number of tasks.

The 6" transducer is vented and enables high loading capacity. The high frequencies are transmitted by a horn-loaded 1" compression driver. This combination produces a convincingly natural sound and a perfect audibility. In comparison with other high frequency loudspeakers the System 6 produces significantly less distortion at high sound pressure levels. An elaborate passive crossover subdivides the input signal in low/mid and high frequency range thereby providing an extraordinarily mellow and natural sound.

The multi-layered, birch-ply enclosure is sealed with a black structure varnish by standard. Different RAL colours are available. The loudspeaker’s baffle and it’s components are protected by a solid metal front grill which is covered by a stylish acoustic foam. On demand this foam can be delivered in different colours. For mounting with optional accessories the System 6 enclosure has been supplied with M8 threaded shafts (2 on the right side, 1 on the bottom and 1 on the top). Two M6 threaded shafts on the back allow an attachment ofa wall mounting kit UB6/w. If needed a 35mm stand flange can be attached to the underneath in combination with UB6/v.

The connectors are of the Neutrik Speakon NL4 type. A connection diagram on the back describes the internal switching. The 16ohms nominal impedance enables a simple linking of numerous systems attached to one amplifier channel.


·    very compact full-range loudspeaker system
·    applicable for touring as well as installation
·    excellently suitable for short and medium throw
·    can be ideally employed as front-fill and/or for underbalcony mounting
·    offering studio monitoring quality for live applications
·    90° radial dispersion
·    16ohms impedance – simple linking of numerous systems to one amplifier channel
·    passive loudspeaker system with 6" LF/MF-cone driver and 1” horn-loaded HF-compression driver
·    extensive optional mounting accessories
·    various colours eligible – standard design: black similar to RAL 9005