Tuesday August 24, 2021

Case Studies

SRD Group’s adaptability shone through in a lighting and sound installation for a tricky studio space in the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

The space is situated in the roof of the building, and threw up a number of challenges for SRD Installations Manager Matt Stridgen and his team. Lighting and sound equipment was unable to be hung from the ceiling, which had no load bearing capability, and so had to be mounted on vertical rails along the walls.

The main fixtures were six Chauvet Ovation E-910FC Full Colour Profiles, along with nine Chauvet Ovation P-56FC Full Colour PARs. These were accompanied by a series of lighting bars to illuminate the stage in the centre of the room.

SRD was chosen for the job because of its technical expertise, which was on show in their installation of the space’s audio equipment. A range of Yamaha equipment was put in place, which Matt Stridgen said offered high quality at a good price point.

These included four Yamaha VSX8 loudspeakers alongside a VSX10 sub and PX5 amplifier. A Yamaha DCP panel was added to allow for on the fly adjustments to volume and speaker orientation. The venue’s preferred choice of control was ETC’s Nomad system, as they were already using EOS in the main house.

Dan Rainsford, Head of Production at the Rose Theatre, was delighted with the results of the installation. He said: “I felt Matt and all at SRD responded well to a changing brief in a difficult space, and tailored the job in a manner sympathetic to the intended community use of the studio as well as the budget.

“The SRD team were professional and courteous with a high quality of work and good communication throughout the project.”

Wednesday February 5, 2020

Case Studies

When the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon realised it would need to update its dimmer lights, Matt Stridgen of SRD was the first person who came to mind for Head of Production David Duffy. 

“Matt had a professional history with Polka as he’d installed a new theatre space previously. He knew the venue and knew the potential issues,” Duffy says. “I know he would approach it in a robust and thorough way and that I’d have a well-managed project. I would’ve turned to him anyway, but it was great that he had that venue insight. 

“He’s a calm, level head and is interested in what you want as a client.”

The theatre has been in operation for 40 years, and the lighting infrastructure isn’t renewed as often as it is by hiring companies and event production companies. 

“We were looking for something serviceable that would help bridge the move from the older kit, giving us more variance,” continues Duffy. “With venues like ours you’re upgrading a bit at a time.”

The SRD installation provided more circuits for the venue team to play with and a continuation of the gradual move to more sustainable LED lighting. 

The venue is currently closed for 18 months for a major rebuild, and Duffy has the peace of mind that the new lighting infrastructure is ready to go when the building reopens. 

“It’s all about giving our creative teams the best opportunity to make the highest quality theatre they can.”

If you’re interested in learning more about SRD’s work on theatres and venues, including exterior building lighting, get in touch on projects@srdgroup.co.uk or call 01732 771144.