WaveLine PT Line Array Element


WaveLine PT Line Array Element


The GAE WaveLine PT line-array system represents the result of an intensive physical and economic investigation into the market necessities in the field of touring and installation. 

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The GAE WaveLine PT line-array system represents the result of an intensive physical and economic investigation into the market necessities in the field of touring and installation. Developed and based on the experience of other users and consultants a huge variety of approaches has been considered. The essence of these reflections builds special options for the development and – designing the WaveLine PT System – has been put into practice:

In respect to the special demands of installation the appearance was designed understated and reluctant, mechanical parts were reduced to a minimum. Special editions without handles or special colours are possible. In addition the systems was designed for small cluster entities to provide a precise sound reinforcement in complex acoustical and constructional environments.

The combination of two 6,5” Neodymium transducers of the low-/mid range, each incorporating an 1,5” voice coil, allows a low crossover frequency. This way the Waveline PT System is suitable for full range use in special applications.

The GAE HF-Phase-EQ coupled to a high power 1,4” Neodymium-driver achieves an accurate and highly exact sound conduction in the high-tone range, which results in an extended high frequency bandwidth. The construction determines an extremely low crossover frequency to the compression driver which optimizes the horizontal dispersion of the system. Because of the high radiation-resistance the overall system comes up with an outstanding mid-tone performance. As the double-6,5”-construction enables a low tuning frequency, a smooth transition to a subwoofer is guaranteed.

Beyond that the WaveLine PT System displays an enormous efficiency in full range application, most venues will not benefit from a flown bass system. For special applications (no bass extension can be placed on the ground) an optional sublow system (Waveline PT Bass) is available to be flown within the rigging.

Deduced from the experiences made with the twin-coaxial principle used with the GAE WaveLine an exact symmetric dispersion could be established in the WaveLine PT System. From the acoustical experiences based on the WaveLine system the dynamics concept could be proven. As a result the development leads to a down scaled system maintaining the same conceptual approach.

Furthermore the development aimed at the realization of an economic array-length-/prize-proportion. To reach this goal each WaveLine PT element has been outfitted with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms in the high- as well as in the low-/mid-tone range, thus three to six elements can be operated at one amplifier. In this way by the help of only three elements and one amplifier a vertical angle of 30° can be achieved as minimal configuration.

By employing modern system controllers the peripheral electronics equipment can be limited to a sensible measure.

Users already owning a GAE WaveLine System can easily make use of the WaveLine PT System as the preexisting amp-racks can be operated compatibly. Furthermore doubled impedance precedes to doubled quantity of units driven by the same amplification.

For flying mechanics only high quality and determinate materials are applied. The load distribution is forwarded solely in the flight elements. Apart from locking quick release pins no bulk parts are needed.

The very discreet flying mechanic is let in the loudspeaker’s enclosure without attracting attention. On request the handles on the front can be removed. The whole process of mounting- and demounting has been optimally matched to all user’s demands.

GAE WaveLine PT System's rigging mechanics together with the flying-cradle are certified according to Germans BGV-C1 and DIN 18800. An analysis of strength shows a general application of 15 units at any inclination of the flying cradle. Higher quantities and weight loads (i.e. for fixed installations) can be verified from a simple chart.

The stack-cradle together with the attached outriggers enable the mounting of up to 6 WaveLine elements as ground-stacking. The frame of the stack-cradle can be mounted to several bass units and enables a secure mounting of 6 WaveLine PT elements. An integrated stand flange offers the possibility to mount 3 elements on a rugged extension.

For simulation and calculating of acoustical configurations GAE provides the EASE Focus Aiming Software from SDA (Software Design Ahnert GmbH) again. The EASE Focus Aiming Software is a two-dimensional acoustic simulation software that serves for the configuration and modelling of Line-Arrays close to reality. Ease Focus and the specific product file (GAE-WaveLine.efo) are available as free download from GAE’s web-site.